The Creator

Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario—A small town 1 hour west from Montreal, QC, Brianna started her journey as a Creative Leader while choreographing several competitive hip hop numbers. Brianna had always taken pride in her ability to lead large groups of creatives and performers. She was trusted to take care of the stage costumes, hair, make-up, and overall direction of the performance. All of this at the young age of 17.

At 19, Brianna attended Ottawa's premiere Photography & Post Production program where she learned technical skills of producing industry-standard images and videos all while—again—leading the set. Her passion for the fashion and entertainment industry doesn't stop there.

At 22, Brianna was the lead Creative Director for a country-wide talent agency where she helped models and aspiring photographers grow their professional portfolios. Now at 24, Brianna lives in Vancouver and continues to grow her education. She is currently attending Blanche Macdonald Centre in the Global Fashion Marketing program where she is designing her own street-style performance collection and continuing to work on creative sets.